RHOC Ep. 18 Recap: The Real Vikings of Orange County

You know it’s going to be a tiresome episode when the first shot is of a bedraggled Peggy walking down the hall. Anything that has to do with Peggy is at best boring and at worst infuriating. Or being that this is a reality show, maybe it’s the other way around.

After hiding in her room all day, Peggy has decided to come to Lydia’s room to talk. She is upset over last night, because while Peggy can be rude AF to anyone and everyone, she is hypersensitive to any perceived slight. This time she’s upset because Kelly made an “insensitive” comment about her father. She did not. When Peggy ridiculously said she was going to have her husband call Kelly’s husband to resolve their conflicts, Kelly retorted that she was going to have her dad call Peggy’s dad. Peggy of course thinks Kelly meant it as a cruel reminder that Peggy’s father is dead, but Kelly’s response was a perfectly suitable playground rebuttal to Peggy’s initial juvenile threat. Kelly might as well have said, “I know you are but what am I?” Peggy is utterly unable to grasp contextual situations. Her jokes don’t land, her conversation is awkward and her interpretations are off-base. Is this season almost over so I never have to see or hear about Peggy Sulahian again?

2017-11-08 (34)

Lydia has planned a final Viking-themed dinner for their last night in Iceland and instead of joining the other women on the bus to the restaurant, she is stuck at the hotel ministering to Peggy’s misconceptions about the previous night. How tedious. In addition to whining about Kelly, Peggy is upset that she heard Meghan’s baby crying in her room while Meghan was next door partying with the other housewives. First of all, it’s none of Peggy’s business. Second, Meghan brought a nanny with her so she could hang out and party with the other housewives, and third, it’s not a crime to let a baby cry. Peggy whips out what she thinks is some kind of vindicating evidence in the form of a pointless video she took with her phone. It contains the sounds of drunken laughter and not much else.

2017-11-08 (31)

Lydia doesn’t understand Peggy’s point of view, but decides she’ll forgo the dinner and stay at the hotel with her. That Lydia–what a saint.

Meanwhile, everyone else arrives at a rustic dining hall where a chorus of woolly sweater-clad men waits to serenade them with traditional Icelandic music. Despite Tamra’s frantic admonitions to not eat the potatoes (God forbid!), the women dig into their lamb shanks and manage to behave with a modicum of decorum. Except for when they all scream “Skol!” at the top of their lungs. The very best thing about this episode so far is when the master of ceremonies–and everyone else–completely ignores Vicki when she asks, at the top of her lungs, whether they’re going to whoop it up. Then, realizing no one is going respond to her tired “catch phrase,” she tries to save face by doing a clownish vaudeville-esque double-take. If we’re going to stoop to vaudeville mugging, let’s go all the way and drag Vicki Gunvalson off the stage once and for all with with a giant hook. It’s beyond time.

2017-11-08 (36)

Shannon primly insists that “it’s fine” Tamra and Vicki are getting along when she really wants to blow a gasket. Tamra urges Vicki to apologize to Shannon for what she said about David beating her and Vicki does, but in typical Vicki fashion, the apology means nothing because she is only offering it to appease Tamra. Shannon gets that there is zero sincerity or sentiment behind the apology because Vicki always qualifies and/or minimizes her wrongdoings. Vicki says she’ll “eat some humble pie” and in her mind, that is truly all she is doing. She thinks Shannon’s need for an apology is completely unreasonable since she doesn’t think she’s done anything wrong, but she’ll suck it up and be the martyr because all she wants out of life is peace and tranquility. God, go away Vicki.

Tamra and Vicki rehash their issues AGAIN and I’m so disinterested I can’t type another word about it.


Peggy has decided to go to dinner so Lydia, who organized the whole thing, doesn’t have to miss it. She arrives in a floor-length red ball gown that is totally inappropriate for the occasion and immediately starts in on Kelly. It is a crying shame that Kelly has been attending anger management classes, because if anyone deserves a full-on Kelly Dodd assault, it’s Peggy.

2017-11-08 (38).png

There are few things on this earth more torturous than listening to Peggy Sulahian trying to articulate her position on anything. It’s like she’s an actor who’s been given a script but keeps saying her lines at the wrong time so they don’t jibe with anything that’s going on around her. She pulls out her video of nothing and attacks Meghan over the baby’s crying, which makes Meghan cry. Naturally everyone leaps to Meghan’s defense over the unwarranted indictment of her motherhood and goes after Peggy. Vicki feels sorry for Peggy because the other women are ganging up on her, but Peggy brought it on herself. She is abrasive and rude and it’s high time she got called on it.

2017-11-08 (44)

Peggy’s great friend Vicki may feel bad for her, but since Vicki is determined to weasel out of any confrontation by repeating, ad nauseum, that it’s not her fight, she slinks away from the table and cowers in the bus. Vicki is above all this petty bickering, don’t ya know–all she wants is to promote peace and love. And her insurance business.

Back inside, Shannon is comforting a teary Meghan and telling Peggy she’s done talking to her. Stupid, interfering Lydia thinks Shannon is going off the rails again when Shannon is just rightfully fed up with Peggy. Peggy exacerbates the situation by making a dig about David not being “loyal” to Shannon because he lied to her about his and Diko’s cancer conversation–GOD, JUST LET IT GO ALREADY! Shannon is on the verge of going ballistic but Tamra interjects to call Diko is a little bitch, and Kelly stands up and delivers the long-awaited line, “if you’re going to throw BOMBS, I’m going to throw NUKES!” Welcome back, Kelly Dodd! And with that, Peggy is out. Thank God.

2017-11-08 (46)

Somewhere within this mess Peggy goes over to Meghan and attempts to apologize to her (I think) and Meghan is kinder than she needs to be. She says she understands that whatever Peggy was trying to convey about the baby was lost in translation, and that Peggy is odd. but she still can’t forget that Peggy brought it up and is hurt by it. Peggy doesn’t deserve Meghan’s understanding after calling her a giraffe while insinuating she’s a neglectful mother. Fuck you, Peggy.

Peggy joins Vicki in the bus, vowing to take her own car back to the hotel and her own “jet” back to Orange County. She is upset that Vicki abandoned her and dismisses Vicki’s yammering about being “a businesswoman, a mother, a grandmother” with a bored, “yeah, we know.” Indeed we do, Peggy, and this is the first and probably last time I’ve been on board with anything you’ve said.

The next morning, a hungover Kelly calls Vicki to report that Peggy has “bounced.” Back in the OC, Meghan and Jim are putting together invitations for the candle launch party, Lydia’s mother is sprinkling mashed potatoes with fairy dust, and Vicki is giving Briana the lowdown on the Iceland trip. Briana calls her mother out on every single one of her machinations, and it’s a joy to behold.


Tamra accompanies Shannon to the doctor, who tells Shannon her hormone levels are low. Shannon took herself off progesterone and estrogen, which may account for her weight gain, mood swings and general emotional instability. The doctor advises her she needs to start taking them again, along with topical applications of testosterone “down there,” which will help remedy a low libido. Shannon protests that she doesn’t have a low libido, David just isn’t interested. Tamra jokes that of all the things Shannon will be putting “down there,” her husband won’t be one of them. She says the remedy for that is divorce. Astonishingly Shannon takes these statements with a sense of humor, cracking up alongside Tamra. There’s hope for Shannon yet.


Next Vicki and Peggy meet to discuss Vicki’s cowardly behavior at the Viking dinner. Peggy is still upset that Vicki didn’t have her back and Vicki offers one of her typical self-serving, Mad Hatter explanations for why she was right to not get involved. It’s the exact same argument she gave Kelly last year, and it’s just as disingenuous now as it was then.

2017-11-08 (50)

Shannon and David share a painful exchange that forces Shannon to finally admit that David is totally checked out of the marriage. She just wants to know where she stands because the limbo they’re living in now is torture for her. Thank God these two finally separated.

2017-11-08 (53)

Next week: The season finale! No more Peggy Sulahian after next week and the reunions, because I guarantee that Peggy is a one-and-done. Yahoo!


RHOC Ep. 15 Recap: #FireVicki

This week I noticed the “fire Vicki” hashtag all over Twitter and I wholeheartedly subscribe to it. This week’s episode, more than any other, demonstrated how superfluous the odious Vicki Gunvalson has become to the show, and she simply must go.

I could not care less about the status of her heart–physically or otherwise–or how her lifelong histrionics may have adversely affected it. The scene with her cardiologist was yet another tedious example of just how little she brings to RHOC. #FireVicki

Peggy and Diko going through their kids’ baby clothes for the sole purpose of letting us know that their kids wore Dior baby clothes. Just ugh.

Tamra and Shannon are on the phone, talking about the Diko-David dustup. Tamra thinks Shannon has a hard time letting things go, and a truer statement has never come out of Tamra’s mouth. Shannon becomes irritated when Tamra counsels her to stop giving the situation life, saying she’s giving it life because Tamra keeps talking about it. This may be an insight into Tamra’s behind the scenes shit-stirring. WE haven’t seen Tamra talk about it, but because she knows that doing so will inflame fragile Shannon and fuel the conflict between her and Peggy, she probably brings it up nonstop when the cameras aren’t rolling.

Meghan is having a dinner party so the other ladies can benefit from her friend “Mystic Michaela’s” insights. Mystic Michaela reads auras, so she’ll probably have a field day with this crowd. Meghan displays her own insight when she muses that some people are intimidated by psychics because they don’t want to acknowledge the things they’re hiding. So it comes as no surprise that Peggy doesn’t like psychics. Or that Vicki declined Meghan’s invitation because, according to Meghan, she was “very scared” of the psychic.

Lydia arrives as everyone is sitting down to dinner, and is disappointed that Vicki and Kelly aren’t there because she was hoping to invite all the ladies on a trip to Iceland.
The premise for this trip is that Lydia is going there to do a piece for her magazine, which is complete and utter bullshit. Lydia’s magazine is a vanity project for her and her husband, and the idea that she has legitimate business in Iceland is nothing but a transparent plot device. If she did have legitimate business there, she would NEVER invite this group of crude, feuding rubes to accompany her.

They call Vicki and Kelly, and everyone agrees to the trip, because they are contractually obligated to do so. Peggy doesn’t even know where Iceland is. Is she an Armenian nesting doll that has never seen the light of day? How else could she be such an unmitigated ignoramus? She has about as much personality as an inanimate object, so I guess it’s possible.

When Meghan asks Peggy if she’s in for the Iceland trip, Peggy responds by attacking Shannon, apropos of nothing, about David’s questioning of Diko. Talk about someone who can’t let anything go! Peggy is giving Shannon a run for her money. Shannon explains that David asked whether Peggy had cancer because he was concerned after Diko told him his wife just had a double mastectomy. Again, YOU CANNOT BE OFFENDED WHEN PEOPLE ASK IF YOU HAD CANCER AFTER YOU TELL THEM YOU (OR YOUR WIFE) JUST HAD A DOUBLE MASTECTOMY. Fucking DUH. When you engage in attention-seeking behavior, you can’t be mad when your behavior receives attention. And telling someone during a casual cocktail party conversation that your wife had a double mastectomy is attention-seeking behavior. God, I hate these two.

Peggy listens to Shannon defend David, but instead of engaging in discourse that may resolve the situation, dismissively asks, “Are you done?” Then she delivers the scripted line that is sure to make Shannon go off the rails: “Do you trust your husband? Has he ever lied to you about anything before?” Really? This is such an obvious ploy on the producers’ part. Are we to believe that because Mystic Michaela said Peggy was intuitive, Peggy has intuited Shannon’s uncertainty about her marriage? We’re not that stupid, and neither is Shannon.

For not understanding English, Peggy is showing herself to be a master of deflection. She asks Shannon an incendiary question–WAY worse than anything David asked Diko–and when Shannon yells that of course she trusts her husband, Peggy acts like it was an innocuous inquiry that was not intended to set Shannon off. Lydia backs Peggy and launches her own attack on Shannon. Lydia needs to STFU and go back to her pumpkin patch because she is always wrong. She wants Shannon to give Peggy a chance to explain herself, but as Meghan points out, Peggy is woefully inarticulate and her semantic meanderings are going nowhere.

Peggy is awful. She is phony, she has the personality of a concrete stoop, she’s rude, she is unable to express a single substantive thought, and her only purpose on this show is to torture the already-tortured Shannon. I am going to take Tamra’s advice and not give her any more life. #FirePeggy

shannon 15

After Peggy and Lydia leave, Tamra guns for Shannon. Shannon may be volatile, but she has every right to feel victimized and confused by Peggy and Lydia’s treatment of her. Tamra has no storyline so she is fomenting a conflict that has nothing to do with her and throwing her good friend Shannon under the bus while she’s at it. She is yelling at Shannon to stop acting like an asshole and getting riled up over nothing when Meghan interjects with a much-needed reality check. If they wake up her sleeping baby, their ridiculous drama will pale in comparison to Meghan’s wrath. Meghan is such a breath of fresh air. What is she even doing on this show? She has absolutely nothing in common with these toxic harpies. When they finally leave, Meghan and Mystic Michaela share a laugh over how “great” Meghan’s friends are.

The next day, Shannon comes over to Tamra’s house with a mea culpa and a serious ephiphany. She has finally come to grips with what everyone already knows–that her emotional fragility and consequent downward spiral have been caused by her disintegrating marriage. Like too many women, Shannon is so defined by her relationship that she would rather stay in a miserable marriage than face being alone. She acknowledges that now that she and David are once again in a bad place, she isn’t over his affair, and her insecurities are manifesting themselves in self-destructive behavior. Shannon finally realizes that her happiness and self-esteem cannot be entirely dependent on the state of her relationship, and I am SO PROUD of her. Hopefully with this newfound insight, she can turn things around for herself. Good for you, Shannon!

The episode ends with the obligatory packing scenes, featuring too much of the lame and boring Sulahian family. And with that, the ladies are off. America apologizes in advance, Iceland.

Next week: The ugly Americans embarrass themselves (and us) in yet another country with their cat-fighting, callowness, and lack of respect for the local culture.





RHOC Ep. 14 Recap: Another Big Letdown

It’s finally the big showdown between Vicki and Tamra, and not surprisingly, it’s another big letdown. It’s just more of the same–Vicki whimpering for Tamra to stop hurting her and Tamra reminding Vicki that she spread rumors about Eddie being gay. Tamra wonders why Vicki thinks she would marry a gay man, and Vicki posits that maybe Eddie used Tamra to get the empty gym that sits in the middle of a nondescript industrial park in Random Suburb, USA.

Tamra’s incredulity that Vicki would suggest such a thing leads to an epiphany: Vicki does not deserve her friendship. With that, Tamra walks out, leaving Vicki to fiddle with her phone and pretend she has something important to do. Please let that be the end of this non-storyline.

Ugh. Peggy and Diko are meeting for dinner to celebrate their 22nd wedding anniversary and congratulate themselves for doing so well in life. Things were so different 22 years ago! They were young and just starting out in life–look how far they’ve come! They reminisce about their humble beginnings–like their first Valentine’s Day together when Diko bought Peggy a $200,000-plus Bentley. How fucking obnoxious. How tasteless. How nouveau riche. Diko can’t just say he bought Peggy a Bentley (was that Bentley like the one Slade “bought” for Gretchen–you know, the one he leased and that had to be returned to the dealership the next day because they couldn’t afford the payments?), he has to let us know that it cost more than the house they lived in at the time. And then he has to tell us how much that house was worth, in case we didn’t know that Bentleys are really, really, expensive cars. These two are insufferable. Ordering a bottle of Jordan Cabernet during this staged and vulgar scene is the only thing they’ve ever done right in their entire repugnant lives.

Kelly’s dad is in town, and watching her divorced parents argue makes Kelly worry that she and Michael are creating a similarly tense environment for their daughter, Jolie. I wonder if the editors recut the post-Dodd-divorce-announcement episodes to make the most out of this storyline. God knows this show needs one. After the tediousness of Peggy and Diko shoving how rich they’ve always pretended to be down our throats, it’s refreshing to see Kelly unabashedly gush about her middle-class upbringing. She’s proud that her dad came to all her volleyball and cheerleading events, and paid for her Catholic school and Arizona State tuition. Kelly may have her problems, but she is endearing and relatable when she shares memories like this. Take notes, Peggy and Diko: your fixation on dropping names and prices is neither endearing nor relatable. Plus it’s 100% phony. Kelly Dodd doesn’t have a phony bone in her body, which is why she’s back for (and kind of winning) a second season and Peggy will be a one-and-done.

Now that Lydia’s grandfather has died and left her parents Paris Hilton-level riches, she and her mother are conspicuously consuming everything in sight. The only point of this scene is to allow Lydia to brag about how wealthy her family is. Again, not endearing and not relatable.

Everyone is on their way to Peggy and Diko’s Armenian-themed anniversary party. Did you know Peggy is Armenian? She thinks no one can resist her son Koko (they can) so she bribes him to get “Aunt” Vicki–really?–to kiss one of his cheeks while Tamra kisses the other. Her initial offer of $100 is not enough for Koko, so in true Salahian style, he shakes his mother down for $1,000. Peggy is either the last person to know about the final breakdown of Tamra and Vicki’s relationship, or the sole purpose of this scene is for Peggy to demonstrate that she and Diko have so much disposable income they can casually throw a ten-year-old a thousand dollars on a lark. Oh, right. It’s the latter.

Aside from this bit of nonsense, at least we don’t have to endure another party where everyone is speculating about Vicki and Tamra or trying to get them together. We do have to endure more Peggy and Diko, however, and I don’t know which is worse. Yes I do–it’s Peggy and Diko, hands down.

Is Vicki really whining about her friendship troubles and seeking validation from ten-year-old Koko? Yes. Yes, she is and all I can do is shake my head. The woman has no shame, no boundaries, and no self-respect.

Except for the hookahs and belly dancer, this party is pretty much like every other OC party. Of course Diko has to tell everyone that last year he bought two Lamborghinis to commemorate his and Peggy’s anniversary, and this year he’s purchased matching Audemars Piguet (whatever that is) watches. He can’t just say he bought a couple of cars or simply present Peggy with the watch–he has to drop names so everyone will be sure to know how much money he spent. Vulgar, thy name is Diko. He then goes one step further by gifting Peggy with a diamond necklace–and not just any old diamond necklace–a TWENTY-TWO CARAT diamond necklace. For 22 years of marriage, get it? Meghan is annoyed with how ostentatious Peggy and Diko are, but jealous over the necklace. Don’t worry Meghan–it’s just on loan for the evening and will be returned to the jeweler after it has served its only purpose, which is to impress all the party guests.

The party ends with Diko taking Shannon aside to express his discomfort over David’s questioning him about Peggy’s cancer. Again, when you say, “Hi, I’m Diko. My wife just had a double mastectomy” the minute you meet someone, you have no room to be offended when they ask about her health. Shannon of course overreacts, and everyone leaves.

A few other minor things probably happened during this episode, but I’m so bored with this show at this point that I just don’t care. Sorry.


RHOC Ep. 7 Recap: Noblemen Prefer Catty Bottle Blondes

Vicki loves being a grandmother, and Vicki Gunvalson can’t just tell you she enjoys something and leave it at that. She has to go full on in-your-face psycho to convince you she is the MOST involved grandmother in the history of grandmothers, her office has the MOST pictures of grandchildren in the history of offices–whatever she’s doing, she’s always the MOST at it. The most frazzled, the most stressed, the most desperate, the most victimized, the most everything. She is certainly the most obnoxious, the most annoying and the most exhausting, I’ll give her that.

She starts telling Michael and Briana about the sip-and-see (I thought I was done typing that last week! Grr.), as if they care. Briana might care a little, but I guarantee that Michael has already tuned his mother out and is thinking about hamburgers. Why is Vicki even talking about the sip-and-see? Nothing happened there. Has this series devolved so much that even drama free non-events have to be rehashed ad nauseum? Apparently.

Meghan’s nanny is surprised by how civil everyone acted at the sip-and-see. Meghan points out that Shannon was very nervous. Shannon was so nervous that Meghan had to ask her why she was so nervous! I wonder how many brain cells I wasted typing that sentence? Thankfully Meghan calls Jim and we are saved from watching another inane conversation about everything that didn’t happen at the sip-and-see. Jim Edmonds is always entertaining. He is more interested in eating than talking to his wife, he doesn’t want to see the dog, he’s kind of bummed that he’ll be on the West Coast while Meghan is in St. Louis, but not really, and he just wants to hang up the phone so he can leave for the airport. Meghan insists that when he’s not being a complete asshole, Jim is actually a softie. We’ll take your word for it, Meghan, but we don’t want to see it. The most interesting thing about the OC this season is Jim Edmonds’ utter contempt for everything having to do with “the ladies.”

It’s Lydia’s birthday, and her husband is keeping up her family’s tradition of overindulging her on her special day. Her first gift is a $90,000 “mom car,” and her second gift is a $180,000 Aston Martin “fun car” for when she goes out. Imagine how awful it would be for Lydia to be forced to hit the town in a dreary old mom car, so that’s a relief. Her other gifts fall into a category that could be called restrained extravagance, if that wasn’t an oxymoron–but compared to $270,000 in vehicles, a Chanel necklace is rather sedate. Doug makes up for that mundane bauble, however, with a private helicopter ride to a spa on Catalina Island. I have to say, Lydia’s birthday is going pretty well for her.

Ugh, a Peggy scene. With her children, no less. She’s glad her children choose to work, even though they don’t have to. I’ll bet that is the first thing Peggy says to people when they find out her children work–oh, they don’t have to, they choose to. God forbid anyone in the OC should think Peggy doesn’t have enough money to give her children a life of leisure. Peggy worked once, for three weeks. She quit when they asked her to clean the bathroom because she doesn’t “do” bathrooms. What a cliche. Has there ever been a person with new money who doesn’t try to pretend they were to the manor born by saying things like they don’t “do” bathrooms? Peggy–you are not original, you are not a princess, and I guarantee that at some point in your life, you have “done” bathrooms. So please.

Peggy tells her daughters about the sip-and-see (really?) and here we go with her shtick. Peggy thinks that by perpetuating old issues the other women are just “opening the worm up.” That Peggy! Just a quaint little immigrant who can’t wrap her babushka around common idioms! Even though, as her daughters point out, she majored in English. Peggy is a fraud. A trite, boring, fraud.

Doug and Lydia talk about their upcoming Nobleman launch party. Lydia has invited the other women because they got along at the sip-and-see, and she hopes she can orchestrate a rapprochement between Vicki and Tamra. Lydia needs to stay out of it and focus on Doug’s balls while he still has them.

Tamra and Eddie are out for dinner, discussing her estrangement from her daughter–which is why Tamra is estranged from her daughter. Tamra thinks that since she cut off her father because he married her mother’s best friend, maybe her marriage to Eddie is the reason Sidney cut her off. That is not the reason. Sidney cut Tamra off because, despite her daughter’s repeated pleas to stop pimping her out on national television and social media, Tamra kept doing it. It’s really very simple, Tamra. It has nothing to do with your tawdry upbringing or your failed marriages; like every other negative thing in your life, it has to do with your big mouth. And your shameless famewhoring.

Kelly and Michael Dodd bicker over dinner. The sixteen-year age difference is starting to affect their marriage. Kelly is upset that Michael, like her mother, just wants to sit at home while Kelly wants to globetrot and party it up at the Q-Dub. Michael loves that she’s a social butterfly but Kelly remains unsatisfied with their relationship. I can see why–how awful would it be to have a husband who provides you with a fabulous lifestyle, unlimited money to do whatever you want and loves you for who you are? Poor Kelly. She identifies with Shannon, since they both have problematic marriages.

Over to Shannon’s house, where we are treated to scenes from an actual problematic marriage. Shannon describes the low calorie meal she is cooking, but David is skeptical when she says she’s using buttermilk. He might as well just say that she’ll never lose the weight, because it’s obvious that’s what he’s thinking. Shannon makes a desperate bid for David’s approval by telling him “lots of people” say buttermilk is the healthiest dairy product out there, but David is already checked out of the conversation. He just stares at her as he shoves chips into his mouth, silently rebuking her for preparing buttermilk chicken for dinner.

At the tension-filled table, Shannon announces she is about to realize her dream of opening a restaurant. I wonder if it will be in the same strip mall as Heather’s nonexistent restaurant? David is unenthusiastic and reminds her that the business will need to make a profit in order to sustain itself. Shannon is hurt by his dream-killing statement and accuses him of not having faith in her. He avoids meeting her eyes as he mumbles that he has “tons” of faith in her. Not the most convincing endorsement. Shannon stares at David with the pleading expression of a pound puppy as he ignores her and their daughters squirm. Another fun-filled family meal at the Beador house!

Tamra and her mother talk about how they have difficulty communicating. Tamra and her mother TALK about how they have difficulty COMMUNICATING. I’m so over Tamra’s faux-angsty storylines and I couldn’t care less whether or not she and her mother communicate well with each other, so…

…off to Lydia’s magazine party. Kelly arrives, followed by Meghan, Shannon and Tamra. Kelly is wearing a doily. Jim has actually accompanied Meghan to an event! I hope he says something snarky. Vicki walks in and Shannon and Tamra tense up. Does anyone besides Lydia care if these three people ever speak to each other again? We all know they will, because they have to screech and maraud their way through Iceland on the annual cast trip where they shame Americans the world over with their woefully unsophisticated and obnoxious behavior.

Peggy and her husband admire an enlarged photo of themselves, dubbing it “classy and chic,” just like them. Um, okay. Because nothing says classy and chic like a bright yellow Lamborghini with flashy custom wheels. Anyone who refers to themselves as classy and chic is neither classy nor chic. Maybe Peggy’s limited understanding of English caused her to misuse these words.

Meghan and Tamra speculate about Peggy’s reasons for getting a double mastectomy, and I really can’t think of a more tasteless topic of discussion for a cocktail party.

Is this entire party going to be about Lydia talking to Vicki about making up with Tamra, then talking to Tamra about making up with Vicki? If that’s the case, not even the hors d’oeuvres can make it interesting. Apparently they can for Shannon, though, because all she is talking about is the sea bass and how hungry she is. Are the editors intentionally including every piece of footage they have in which Shannon mentions food or hunger? That’s harsh, Tai, but also smart, since the finger foods have been the only interesting guests at any party so far this season.

Lydia has managed to get Vicki to agree to meet Tamra for lunch, and while she’s trying to convince Tamra to do the same, Shannon and Peggy insinuate themselves into the conversation. Tamra explains what she and Lydia are talking about and Peggy is defensive and dismissive at the same time. She is defensive when Tamra says she is hesitant to meet with Vicki and dismissive of her reasons why. Peggy tells Tamra feuding with Vicki is not worth it, and that Tamra is dwelling on her issues with Vicki. Or, as Peggy would say if she were playing the charming-Armenian-with-broken-English role this evening, Tamra is “opening the worm up.” But she’s not playing that role, because although she is Armenian, she’s not very charming and she forgot to pretend that her English is broken.

Tamra is offended and thinks Peggy has some nerve telling her to let it go. She warns Peggy that Vicki will do to her what she’s done to everyone else, then leaves with Shannon. Tamra trashes Peggy to Shannon on the way home, and they are both incredulous that Peggy, a cancer survivor, would defend a woman who lied about cancer. They have a point.

Next week: Shannon is confused when Peggy tells her she tested negative for the BRCA gene but opted for a double mastectomy anyway; Lydia and Tamra run a race; Tamra tells Peggy she has resting bitch face; Kelly, Shannon and Meghan go out for St. Patrick’s Day and talk about–what else?–Vicki. (Shannon is wearing the same sequined shirt she wore last year in Ireland, which is a shame, because it wasn’t flattering then and it’s not flattering now).

RHOC Episode 6 Recap: Sip-and-See Ya Later

I cannot figure out what this guy Steve is doing with Vicki. He seems stable and calm, he’s great with Briana’s kids, he appears to be thoughtful and he grills. Is the obnoxious woman-child she portrays on TV just an act? Is there a mature and dignified woman hiding underneath all the quivering lips and desperation and woo-hoos? I don’t believe it, but how else to explain this relationship?

Everyone is talking about Meghan’s sip-and-see. Meghan calls Vicki to formally invite her and since we know she’s going to come, her pause when she hears that Shannon and Tamra will be there is devoid of any drama it’s intended to create. Bravo needs to learn that the filler scenes of housewives calling other housewives to invite them to various events are unnecessary and boring. This season has way too much filler already.

Peggy and her husband discuss the women’s behavior at the “Lambo” party. Peggy struggles with run-of-the-mill figures of speech to the extent that I think struggling with figures of speech are her shtick. In one short scene she pretends she doesn’t understand the phrases “beating a dead horse,” getting a “lump of coal” from Santa or how someone’s “ears are ringing.” According to the terms of the Eileen Davidson Accord, Peggy is now fair game since we are past the fifth episode in which she appears, but there is nothing much to say about her. So far she’s very boring and seems to be putting on some kind of an act.

Lydia and her husband are throwing a party to launch their pretentious magazine. Lydia is nervous about inviting the other housewives because she doesn’t know if they’ll behave well. She will gauge how they act at the sip-and-see and make her decision based on that.

Tamra and Shannon are shopping for sip-and-see gifts and practicing how they’ll say hello to Vicki. Vicki and Kelly are shopping for sip-and-see gifts at a baby boutique across town and discussing how they’ll handle Shannon and Tamra. And making a spectacle of themselves fake gagging over the smell of some baby’s poopy diaper. This is the level of dialogue Bravo thinks we find entertaining? I hate myself for watching this show.

Tamra was supposed to set up a meeting between Kelly and Shannon so they could clear the air before the sip-and-see, but she hasn’t done it. Shannon wants to get it over with before the sip-and-see so they call Kelly and plan to meet over smoothies that afternoon. I can’t wait for this sip-and-see to be over because I’m tired of typing sip-and-see. I’m also tired of hearing about Kelly’s vaginal rejuvenation. We had to watch it, then we had to listen to her tell Tamra about it, and now she’s describing its aftereffects to Vicki. Enough.

Oh my God! Tamra and Shannon go to the smoothie store and say they’ll “have” this or that instead of “do” this or that. Did they read my last recap? I’m impressed. Kelly joins them and Shannon is worried because it could go well or it could go “Madison Square.” Oh Shannon, you are so NOT a gangster. Shannon reacted to Kelly the way she did at the Quiet Woman because she thought Kelly knew they were going to be there and came specifically to stir up shit. Kelly thought only Lydia and Peggy were going to be there and had no intention of offending Shannon. Really Kelly? You told Shannon she needs hormones and to keep eating because you were trying to be polite? Please. I’m no fan of Heather Dubrow, but she correctly assessed Kelly’s modus operandi last season: act abominably, say you never intended to offend anyone and that you’re not really like that, then act abominably again and repeat.

The smoothie meeting ends well when everyone says they just want to get past the hurt and move on. Then the next day Kelly tells Vicki that Shannon thinks she caused her weight gain and ruined her family. Vicki perpetuates her lie by saying she has photos and text messages that prove David beats Shannon. Way to move on, ladies.

Vicki is bitching because the “milleniums” [sic] have started this sip-and-see thing as a way to get people to bring them gifts. She is wrong, as usual. She is tired of having to spend $100 every time she goes over to someone’s house. How gracious. Vicki should feel lucky to be invited anywhere given how awful she is. Why would a rich and powerful insurance magnate like herself care about spending a lousy hundred bucks on a gift, anyway?

Everyone arrives at the sip-and-see and…nothing happens. With all the buildup this event was given over the last two episodes I expected some serious drama. Instead, Tamra, Shannon and Vicki ignore each other, Meghan opens a bunch of cute baby clothes, and Lydia decides to invite the ladies to her magazine launch party. What a letdown. The only remarkable thing to come out of the sip-and-see is that Vicki somehow thinks Shannon and Tamra owe her an apology. Let me get this straight–Vicki thinks she is owed apologies after she spread rumors that Shannon’s husband beats her and Tamra’s husband is gay? What is wrong with this woman? She is an enigma wrapped in a riddle but apparently not cash, since she begrudges every hostess gift she has to buy.

Shannon makes a beeline for the hors d’oeuvres and vodka once Vicki leaves, and Tamra thinks Shannon is using food and alcohol as a crutch for dealing with stress. Nothing gets past Tamra Judge! Vicki and Kelly make fun of Shannon’s weight on the way home while Tamra, Shannon and Meghan rip on Vicki at the sip-and-see. Meghan wants to sit down with Vicki and find out how Vicki thinks Shannon and Tamra hurt her, but we already know the answer to this. Vicki retaliated against them because they called her out for faking Brooks’ cancer and being a con woman. She wasn’t hurt, she was pissed. She was pissed because she got caught. Meghan knows that Vicki always has to play the victim, so why does she even want to waste her time on her? Vicki will never take responsibility for anything she’s ever done.

Next week: Tamra and Peggy argue, Kelly and Michael argue and Vicki hassles her son about his love life. Again. Yawn.