90 Day Fiance Ep. 8 Recap: Tourette’s, Turmoil and a Tart

Chantel and Pedro

The episode picks up where the last one left, right after the fight between Chantel and Pedro’s horrible mother and even more horrible sister. Chantel tells Pedro that his sister called her a bitch, and they go back into the resort to confront the mother and sister. They both deny that the sister called Chantel a bitch, and lie to Pedro by saying that Chantel called the sister a bitch first. Have I said that Pedro’s mother and sister are horrible people? Because they are. Chantel didn’t call the sister a bitch anyway–she called her a whore.

Chantel calls them out on their lies by asking the sister why, when Chantel asked her if she called her a bitch, she said yes. The sister plays innocent and whines to Pedro that Chantel asked her the question in English so she didn’t understand what she was saying. Pedro turns on Chantel and it’s three against one. Chantel realizes that out of the three most important women in Pedro’s life, she comes last. Dump this trifling Mama’s boy already, Chantel! When Chantel gets upset he tells his sister that if she apologizes, Chantel will apologize to her. The sister gives a snarky, patently insincere apology that Chantel doesn’t accept. Good girl!

Pedro’s mom tells Chantel that she knew about Pedro’s culture when she married him so she’d better suck it up or let him go. She also says she will never accept Chantel’s culture. I can’t say it enough–Pedro’s mother is awful. Chantel has had enough of this pointless argument and walks away from it. Pedro follows her and they argue about whether their wedding, which is scheduled for the next day, is going to happen. Each wants the other to make the decision, which indicates to me that neither of them want to go through with it but neither of them wants to be the bad guy. Finally Pedro tells her that if she doesn’t want to get married, she shouldn’t show up at the wedding. But he’ll be there waiting for her.

Chantel is still upset that Pedro wouldn’t take her side against his mother and sister. He brings her into a room and prevents the cameras from following, but since they are mic’d we can hear them having the same argument they’ve been having for the last three episodes. Pedro urges her to forget about their families and concentrate on each other, but Chantel isn’t sure what she wants to do.

Danielle and Mohamed

It is finally the day of the annulment hearing and Danielle is getting ready for court. She hopes she’s gathered enough evidence to convince the judge that Mohamed married her for a green card. The only evidence Danielle needs to bring is herself. I mean, duh. Mohamed is also getting ready for the hearing and repeats what he’s said every episode this season: he’s worried the judge will grant Danielle’s request and he’ll get deported. We know. Just get on with it already.

Mohamed decides to film himself on the way to the courthouse…for protection. Huh? Danielle’s stalwart friend Beth is driving her to court and they talk–again–about what might happen at the hearing. Good God, how long can TLC draw out this annulment story? Danielle and Mohamed have indisputably¬†jumped the shark.

Russ and Paola

Pao arrives in New Jersey to shoot her music video. She meets with the producer and wardrobe stylist and assures them she is comfortable being sexy. She has brought a selection of whorish outfits from her personal collection but they are not whorish enough for the producer. He’s got other ideas and tells Pao to keep an open mind when she shows up to shoot the video the next day.

Pao is on her way to the video shoot, and oh my God, her outfit. Silky gym short-shorts with a a fuzzy long-sleeved cropped sweater. Just when you think she couldn’t possibly get any tackier! Where do you even buy this kind of clothing?

Pao flirts with one of the band members while she’s getting her makeup done, then heads over to wardrobe. Gasp–it’s lingerie. We all know Russ’ hard line on lingerie and I guess we’re supposed to feel anxious about what Pao will do. Please. As if there is even a question. Pao rationalizes that if she refuses to wear the lingerie, she’ll have difficulty getting objectified cast in future third-rate music videos. She pretends to be conflicted, but heads to the set (which is basically a bed) in the forbidden garment, which we all knew she would.

She discusses her dilemma with the band member with whom she previously flirted and he pretends to be interested. Does Pao not know that girls like her are a dime a dozen and easily interchangeable? Or that she didn’t get this gig because these gentlemen want to hear her speak? Of course she doesn’t–she still thinks her Miami “agent” is running a modeling service.

Pao wishes Russ could see how professional this video shoot is, which is marginally more professional than her photo shoots have been. It still doesn’t rate an actual studio, but a motel is an upgrade from some booty photographer’s front yard, right?

Loren and Alexei

Loren is in Washington, DC to deliver her speech at the Tourette’s Society function. We rehash Alexei’s less-than-enthusiastic reaction to her announcement that Tourette’s is hereditary. How many times do we need to hear the same things over and over again on this show?!

Loren attends a meet-and-greet the night before she is scheduled to give her speech. The organizers are happy that Loren, as a successful adult living with Tourette’s, can be an inspiration to the kids and teens who are in attendance. She meets a mature and confident young lady whose comfort in her own skin impresses Loren. She wishes Alexei could be there to see how well these families are coping with Tourette’s.

Loren is proud to be sharing her Tourette’s journey, but sad that Alexei isn’t there to support her. Except that he is. Alexei really is a very thoughtful and supportive husband, and it’s actually sweet to see how happy Loren is that he’s come to DC. Loren gives a heartfelt speech as Alexei smiles with pride in the audience. Good for Loren–it looks like she’s finally ready to begin adulting.

Next week: Russ loses trust in Pao, Danielle yells at Mohamed, Jorge and Anfisa meet, and Pedro and Chantel may or may not go through with their wedding.

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